Time to trial the new John Lewis Explore your city tool! I set out to explore some of East London and try to up my step count at the same time. I had a quick scroll through Explore your city and decided to head to V&A Museum of childhood in Bethnal Green. I had never really thought of going to a museum or somewhere unconventional when I needed to make up more steps but it sounded a hell of a lot more appealing than going to the gym.

The museum turned out to be really interesting, with a tonne of old games and toys. And after strolling around I still had some energy and time to kill so I headed to another destination in the list that was just up the road: Victoria park in Bow. The park is absolutely massive and lots of it has been ‘renovated’ in recent year, meaning more of the old facilities are open and in good condition now. I chose to stick to mostly wandering around the lake area in the middle of the park and came across a cafe where I stopped for a drink.

The John Lewis tool Explore your city: London tool, has given me a real chance to step up (excuse the pun) and increase my activity without feeling like I’m putting in too much effort which I really liked, after my afternoon or exploring I had easily exceeded my 10,000 steps goal and felt better for doing so!