I’ve already started to dream about where I might be able to travel in 2018, it’s going to be a hectic year so I’m not going to be able to travel too much but that doesn’t stop me from dreaming. I’m hoping if not this year then next I’ll be able to cross off at least a few of these.

Paris – I’ve been to France more times than I can count, but I’ve never made it to Paris and although reports are mixed; is it the city of love or the city where you can always smell pee?! I’ve always wanted to see it for myself. My plan for Paris is to rent and AirBnB and spend my time wandering around the city and eating everything in sight. Find flights from London to Paris. 

Johannesburg – I’ve never been to South Africa and would love to visit, from what I’ve heard it’s completely unlike anywhere else I’ve ever been in the world. I plan on getting flights from London to Johannesburg next summer. I am a huge penguin fan and its alway been a dream to see some Jackass or African penguins in the wild. The quirky neighborhoods and marker screen of Joberg has always appealed to me and I’d like to check it out for myself


Whistler – I’ve actually been to Whistler before but I went in summer when I was a kid, I’d really like to revisit it and ski there in winter, it’s somewhere I’m potentially thinking of relocating to in the future so it would be awesome to visit for a decent amount of time and see the surrounding area as well as check out work and living opportunities. Ideally I’d love to rent a camper and travel around a much bigger area and visit more of the national parks that are on offer.

New Zealand – I had a trip here booked in 2017 which got canceled last minute so I’d really like to get it rebooked in for 2018. I’m planning on flying into Queenstown and renting a car to drive down to Milford sounds and basically just drive around that area for a week or two.