Obviously a ski holiday normally entails a lot of skiing, I love the active nature of a holiday where you’re actually out on the slopes everyday and not just eating your body weight in holiday food and drinking by a pool. It always a bonus when you get home from a holiday and instead of groaning at what meets you on the scales you’re pleasantly surprised. There is something about skiing that make it such an enjoyable activity, I can’t think of many activities I would be happy doing all day every day for a week but skiing seems to combine so many difference aspects, it never gets old and I find in the end it really feels more like you’ve been exploring.

So what else can you do on a ski holiday other than ski? For a start check out the wellness offers available. A lot of ski resorts have some of the best wellness centers around, from chilling in a hot tub with a view or warming up in a sauna to a massage or mud bath, ski resort have some of the but facilities I’ve experienced for taking some time out for yourself.

If you’re visiting out of the winter season hiking in the mountains is incredible, there’s the added bonus that lots of cable cars still run, so you can take a cable car to the top and walk around and down without ever having to walk up, this is my dream come true as I love hiking on level ground but hate steep inclines…. basically I’m lazy! I’ve done some of the most enjoyable hiking in the summer season at ski resorts and there’s the added bonus that there are lots of deals as it’s low season.

If your looking for somewhere that has all this and more check out Les arcs in France. The resort is set in the alps and overlooks Mount Blanc, its the perfect place to go if you want to get away from it all. It’s super family friendly and there are no cars allowed within the resort at all so you can allow the kids to roam around without worrying about traffic. Everything you need is close by including restaurants, shops and a ski school. Ski runs run in every direction, with so many to conquer of varying levels you’re sure to never get bored.