I’ve always tried to go for long lasting quality over cheap price point but it’s becoming more and more important as time goes on as I get older and more conscious of the impact I’m having on the world!

However it wasn’t even a hard choice when looking for a new iPad case after my last one had taken a severe battering over the last however many years and was falling apart. I chose a Gallen Leather case from their site and then eagerly waited its arrival, it was a couple weeks before I received it as they are all made to order, it was beautifully packaged which just made it feel like I was receiving a present, and the amazing smell of leather hit me when I opened the package. 

The iPad case is handmade with high quality leather, the case also holds a notepad and a whole bunch of whatever else you want! I’m just starting to use the iPad case but i know it’s gonna be something I’m using for many years to come. I actually can’t wait to wear the leather in and take it everywhere with me!

Gallen leather is a small company based in Turkey with an amazing story, they produce all sorts of high quality, hand crafted products, some of my favourites from the site include leather wash bags, travellers notebooks and leather tote bags, check them out here.