Cicada Market – Hua Hin

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A freind took me to the cicada market and i absolutely loved it, balls of lights are strung in lines between trees and there are even thai dance performances on

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Asiatique – Bangkok

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So im not sure if this place is still flying a little under the radar or if I was just slow to catch on, but i had no idea Asiatique

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How to find an apartment in Bangkok

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Its pretty daunting arriving in a strange country, not knowing much of the language and looking for an apartment. So how do you find an apartment in Bangkok? One of

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Lumphini Park – Bangkok

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All the traffic, fumes and lady boys can get abit much when your staying in Bangkok, Lumphini park is the perfect way to spend a day escaping! How do you

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How to get from the airport to Khosan Rd

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The main international airport in Bangkok is Suvarnabhumi Airport, there used to be a direct bus straight from the airport to Khosan, but it stopped running recently. So here are

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Full Moon Party Shenanigans (#52)

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Bucket List #52: Full Moon Party - Koh Phangan, Thailand. After a chilled day on the beach, we start to get ready to go out. I’ve wanted to go to the

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How to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan/Koh Tao/Koh Samui

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There are basically 3 options for getting from Bangkok down to the islands, the quickest and most expensive is to fly from Bangkok to Koh Samui flights are usually around

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The best of Bangkok

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I’ve heard it so many times, everyone hits Bangkok spends 1 night on Khao San and decides they hate it before moving swiftly on. Yes it is a far cry

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5 important Thai phrases you need to know

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Arguably, the 5 most important phrases to learn before arriving in Thailand, a little effort goes a long way... Firstly all sentences in Thai end with something called a ‘partical’

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Meeting tigers in Thailand

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So, I know its touristy etc, etc, but when your faced with the opportunity to meet a tiger how can you turn that down?! You'd have to be crazy! So

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