Shoot a gun (#86)

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Number 86 on the bucket list, is one of those things that has fascinated me for ages. When I thought about adding 'shoot a gun' to the list, I was

Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant – Bangkok

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Yup you heard right the 'Cabbages & Condoms Restaurant' is part of the PDA (thats 'Population & Community Development Association' apparently NOT 'Public Display of Affection'). Its mission is to

Best Beef Korean BBQ restaurant review – Bangkok

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Best Beef was recommended to me by a friend, its of the Korean BBQ-your-own-food style! And with a all you can eat 2 hour buffet for 199฿ you cant really

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What work is available for foreigners in Thailand?

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    Looking for a Job in Thailand, read my more detailed posts: Find a (Non Teaching) Job in Thailand: A Step by Step Guide Find a Teaching Job in

Ko Sii Chang a sleepy island secret

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There are a few islands a couple of hours form Bangkok which get slammed every long weekend with expats heading for the beach (Ko Samet and Ko Chang to name

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The weird things you see in Thailand…

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1. A entire country having a water fights, no one is exempt including granny on crutches and drivers on motorbike. Whoever you are you are getting buckets of freezing cold

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Eating bugs on Khosan rd

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  Only of the many delights of Khosan Rd, is getting drunk with buckets of alcohol (of course) and eating various insects! Mostly available there is a buffet of scorpions,

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The best pizza in Bangkok

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Mr. Johnny Ward writer of has inspired me to travel several places, start my own blog and saved me a shit tonne of money over the last few years but the


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Just a short drive from Bangkok, Ayutthaya one of the many great places to get out of the hectic city for a day, you can catch a mini-van or hire

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Where to find good coffee in Bangkok

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I’ve searched the back alleys and main streets everywhere in Bangkok for a decent cup of coffee. I don’t mean a vanilla-iced-carmerlatte-frappechino from Starbucks.. I mean an honest decent pure

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