The best restaurant in Chiang Mai: Huen Phen

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   This restaurant in the heart of the old city area in Chiang Mai is a doubley good find, this is why: Huen Phen for lunch: During the day time

Mont Nom Sod – Butter bread toast

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One of my favourite desserts in Thailand is butter bread, traditionally coated in sugar or condensed milk, but there are a whole variety of flavours. Mont Nom Sod

Plate Culture

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Just found this amazing new website Plate Culture, I’m yet to fully test it out but it’s such an awesome concept, I love everything about it down to the tag

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Eating at Bright Star tea shop Yangon

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Of course one of the biggest questions when you arrive in Yangon is: where to eat traditional and local food.    Bright star looks like any regular tea shop and

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Magic Max’s Restaurant – Khaosan

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So Khaosan road has a whole tonne of overpriced low quality Thai food. But there is one little gem of a Thai place that serves simple, cheap and tasty food

5 foods to try in Thailand

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Som Tam Thai - Green papaya salad, this is such a tasty dish and good lighter alternative to rice as a side dish! It consists of shredded unripe papaya and

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The world on a plate – what to eat, where

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I’m big on food, it’s one of my major passions alongside travelling and the two go together so well! So thought I'd compile a list of my favourite foods from

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East Coast Park Food Market

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On a recent visit to Singapore, my mate took to eat at the East Coast Park food market, and it was bloody amazing so I thought I’d share! You can

Tim Ho Wan – The Worlds Cheapest Michelin star Restaurant (#57)

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Tim Ho Wan is the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in the world. We set off here early  and got in the queue for a scrap of paper with a number

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