Is Thailand really that cheap? (Day to Day costs in Bangkok)

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Its one of the questions I get asked the most.. “is it really as cheap in Thailand as people say?” My answer is a bit of a mix, in most

What work is available for foreigners in Thailand?

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    Looking for a Job in Thailand, read my more detailed posts: Find a (Non Teaching) Job in Thailand: A Step by Step Guide Find a Teaching Job in

Everything you need to know about Bangkok Transport

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Taxi – Coming from pretty much any western country the first thing you will realise is how cheap taxis are! The taxis are exceptionally cheap; however they are even cheaper

Learning Thai

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Before arriving in Bangkok I studied some basic Thai using the Pimsleur Thai audio books, this language system was developed by the US army for teaching troops basic language skills

How to find an apartment in Bangkok

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Its pretty daunting arriving in a strange country, not knowing much of the language and looking for an apartment. So how do you find an apartment in Bangkok? One of

5 important Thai phrases you need to know

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Arguably, the 5 most important phrases to learn before arriving in Thailand, a little effort goes a long way... Firstly all sentences in Thai end with something called a ‘partical’