Where to visit in Sicily

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It's a overused phrase but Sicily truly is a melting pot of different nationalities and culture. It's been occupied by each of its neighboring country's and it shows in everything from the food to the

5 Best Camping Spots in Australia

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For anyone who’s a fan of spending the night under the tarp of a tent, or better yet under the stars themselves, Australia is a dream come true. With such a variety of landscapes and

Five top cities to visit in the USA

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There are so truly famous cities in the USA, places like the skyscrapers of New York are without a doubt worth seeing but there are also some other cities worth visiting that don’t get mentioned

Three options for active holidays in the South Caucasus

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Winter is almost over and very soon you’ll need to plan your summer vacations. Today we want to share with you some ideas for the summer, which will particularly interest active people who prefer extreme

Lucky Rentals Campervan Review – Don’t rent from them!

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I guess the title sums it up pretty well, i don't normally do too much reviewing of actual businesses but my experience with Lucky Rentals was so bad i had to put it out there

5 Great Cities For Romantic Getaways

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For people looking for exotic romantic getaways with their partners, there are usually a few world destinations that come to mind. Paris and Rome, for instance, tend to headline most people's thoughts of romantic travel.

Planning a trip to a new place

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It's an amazing feeling planning a trip to a place you've never been, the excitement for me is always paramount to that Christmas morning feeling. Here's a couple of things I always try to include

Reasons to visit Paris this Autumn

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Okay so most of these reasons are applicable year round, but there's something extra special about autumn in a foreign city. The temperature if perfect for traveling, not hot and not cold it sits in

3 Beautiful Wildcard Cruise Resorts to Explore

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When you first think about going on a cruise, you might think of a trip around popular destinations like the Caribbean or the Mediterranean, but that’s by no means all you can do. Tour operators

Why Tenerife is so popular with holidaymakers

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Tenerife has been a holiday destination since the 1890s, and today it continues to get more and more popular — but why do people love it so much? With towering mountains, picturesque towns and lively