Icelandic Bar (Íslenski Barinn) Reykjavik

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Icelandic Bar in Reykjavik is one of my fondest food-travel memories, we sheltered from a snow storm in there and ended up liking it so much we went back the next day! Its cozy and warm

Learn to Ski (#49)

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So i've kinda always liked the idea of skiing, even since i was a kid it always just seemed like something i would like.So when i got to go for the first time on a

Kilimanjaro – A rough Guide to the Machame Route

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Overall the Machame route is manageable and an enjoyable level if you are reasonably fit for the entire trek except for  the night summit climb which is extremely hard going and fairly taxing weather your fit or

What to pack for Kilimanjaro

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So should you pack for your epic Kilimanjaro Climb? Here's a list of the essentials for your Kilimanjaro kitlist: Clothing Thermo t-shirt Thermal long johns and top Thin micro fleece... Thick fleece Waterproof jacket (Gortex) Socks

South Korea – Seoul

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We arrived in Seoul at 4am, and stepped outside into -5 degrees, coming from Australia via Asia, I didn’t exactly bring a coat, so I was bloody freezing stood outside in just a hoodie waiting