Climbing to the view point in Railay, Thailand

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Climbing to the view point and lagoon in Railay is a must do if your up for a bit of adventure! The wetter it is the harder and less safe it is, so bear this

Sailing the Whitsunday Islands

By |September 24th, 2013|Australasia, Australia, Backpacker, Beach, Islands|

The Whitsunday islands just off the east coast of Australia are amongst the most popular yachting destinations in the world! There are a total of 75 islands each as stunning as the next, around 70%

Long tail boat trip – Koh Yao Noi

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In the past I took a crowed ferry boat day tour to Koh Phi Phi, although the sites were all there the overall trip was pretty poor and the boat was packed so tight you

Ko Sii Chang a sleepy island secret

By |June 20th, 2013|Asia, Beach, Hot, Islands, Thailand|

There are a few islands a couple of hours form Bangkok which get slammed every long weekend with expats heading for the beach (Ko Samet and Ko Chang to name a few) but they are

How to get from Bangkok to Koh Phangan/Koh Tao/Koh Samui

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There are basically 3 options for getting from Bangkok down to the islands, the quickest and most expensive is to fly from Bangkok to Koh Samui flights are usually around £60 ($100) from Koh Samui

Fiji – Diving with the big bad sharks (#30)

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I’m stood on the edge of a boat just off the coast of Fiji, watching a thunder storm rumbling towards us. I am shaking like a leaf and feeling very sick oddly due to my

Rottnest Island

By |October 10th, 2011|Australasia, Australia, Beach, Hot, Islands, Nature|

Rottnest Island is located just a short ferry from Freemantle or Perth. I’d advise going for a day trip as everything is more expensive on this tiny island. There are no private vehicles allowed on