Climbing to the view point in Railay, Thailand

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Climbing to the view point and lagoon in Railay is a must do if your up for a bit of adventure! The wetter it is the harder and less safe it is, so bear this

See whales in the wild (#37)

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Bucket List #37: See whales in the wild

Fishing at Bungsamran, Bangkok

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Where can you fish in Bangkok? Bungsamran! Its an awesome fishing park not far from Bangkok city centre, where you can catch huge fish! If your not a fishing expert your best bet is to

Skydive, Mission Beach (#13)

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Bucket List #13: Skydive! Mission Beach in 2010!

Meeting and riding the Ellies!  (#20)

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Very near the top of my bucket list was meeting elephant, they are just so cute i was beyond excited when It came to the day i would meet and ride them. A few hours

Lumphini Park – Bangkok

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All the traffic, fumes and lady boys can get abit much when your staying in Bangkok, Lumphini park is the perfect way to spend a day escaping! How do you get there?? MRT station: Silom

The Rock Restaurant – Zanzibar

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Okay so its not really in a backpacker budget price range, but this amazing little restaurant is worth splashing abit of extra cash for. Parking in a small island village you step out onto the

Kilimanjaro – A rough Guide to the Machame Route

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Overall the Machame route is manageable and an enjoyable level if you are reasonably fit for the entire trek except for  the night summit climb which is extremely hard going and fairly taxing weather your fit or

Katona Tours Uganda – Review

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  Originally I had wanted to hire a car and drive through Uganda, but after spending over a month trying to secure gorilla tracking permits to no avail, I was told that often the Ugandan

Gorilla Tracking (#9)

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After arriving at Bwindi Impenetrable Forest headquarters we were separated into our groups and ours guides came to brief us, to our surprise the 3 of us were in  our own group and were tracking